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About Finance Software

AJE Finance components are designed to add complex financial and interest calculations and user interfaces to your software applications. Our software can create Loan management and Installment Credit systems overnight with an advanced series of finance components designed for loans, installment credit, mortgages, credit cards and most typical credit scenarios.

Software Components are typically business objects that have predefined and reusable behaviors. Component-Based Development is the idea of creating software applications from components. Implementation detail is hidden in the interfaces, which isolate and encapsulate a set of functionality. Interfaces are the means by which components connect.

Loan Engine and Loan Calculator

Loan Engine is an ActiveX Enterprise component that provides a complete mathematical and database engine for complex financial and interest calculations. It is designed to save development costs by providing expert functionality from the outset with an intuitive and easy to use interface.

Loan Calculator is an advanced ActiveX Component designed to complement the Loan Engine with a comprehensive user interface and flexible setup options. The Loan Calculator component comprises of a suite of controls for administration of money lending, paying back credit with interest, variable rate interest, most installment credit scenarios, transactions, Interest Rates, APR's and much more...

Functionality for APR's, Interest, Amortization, Fees, Insurance's, Installment Schedules, XML Output and HTML Report generation have been incorporated in these very powerful and unique controls.

User Interfaces

An interface is a set of named operations that can be invoked by clients. More importantly, well-defined interfaces define the component's entry points, and a component's accessibility is done only via its interface. In a component-based approach, providers and clients communicate via the specification of the interface, which becomes the mediating middle that lets the two parties collaborate and work together.

Save Development Time and Costs

Loan Engine features highly complex financial calculations that have been developed over many years. The expert functionality built into Loan Engine would cost a huge amount of time and cost to develop in house. Using Loan Engine gives you access to advanced calculations immediately in the form of a reusable component.

Our Development Tools give you access to state of the art Software Component technology and a wealth of resources that are reusable time and time again. This will really save your business money and improve the desirability and quality of your products to your customers. This saving in time and the increased reliability and productivity that come with using components equate to immeasurable costs savings.

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